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Bill Perry & Associates provides the highest caliber personnel who work tirelessly to provide efficient, timely and cost-effective security and investigation services. 
At Bill Perry & Associates every investigation is a “big deal” and is treated as such.

We believe the best way to investigate is to leave “no stone unturned.” This is why we utilize all available technology at our disposal. Our investigators are well versed in the newest technological advances as well as more traditional methods.  Bill Perry & Associates also have many years of training to provide exceptional interviewing skills.

We offer the highest quality Internet related services on the market today. Since 2005, we have provided superior service to our customers in a variety of areas.

We offer Surveillances, Accident Scene Investigations, Skip Trace, Criminal and Civil Investigations, Statement Taking, Computer Investigations, Computer Forensics, Cell Phone Forensics,  Data Recovery,  E-mail tracing and Internet Profiling,  Due Diligence, Matrimonial and CheckMate services, Background Checks, Tenant Screening, Polygraph Examinations, Legal Photography.

When you need more answers we take the next steps using personal Investigative methods, tools and strategies which aid in criminal &
civil investigations

Our professionals have over 30 years of law enforcement experience in statement taking. Our team of investigators will monitor the behavior and activities of individuals, and consider all sources of information for domestic or insurance purposes.

We have been doing private investigations work in Florida since 2005. Since 2008 we've expanded our services to include a Security & Protection Services Division. Our Security Protection Services are unique because our employees are put through a rigorous background screening process. This screening, conducted by retired law enforcement officers, includes (but is not limited to) drug testing, a psychological profile exam, integrity testing and a complete personnel profile.  We also provide on-going training and education for our employees in order to better serve our community and clientele. Each client is provided a uniquely designed contract based upon their physical site, schedule, and budget.

Our philosophy is simple: Respect everyone and make each person you come into contact with feel important. We teach our employees to go the extra mile and make the client’s experience a worthwhile encounter. There is no room for sleeping on the job. We teach our employees to be proactive and observant and to expect the unexpected.

Due diligence research and analysis is undertaken by a team of specialists who will review the background of each individual matter.  We can then conduct a suitable analytical investigation to satisfy you. Our investigative skills give us the ability to uncover, gather, and interpret the data which will keep risks to a minimum and provide clients with a swift and successful response.

Matrimonial/CheckMate Services
If you suspect your partner may be unfaithful we offer discreet services while taking your needs and concerns as our first priority.  We are able to collect evidence of adultery for legal cases and are available to carry out specific investigations tailored to the individual situation.

In our changing society there are times when clients need to be sure that the person(s) they are networking with are being honest and the personal information shared is valid.  Our Checkmate services utilize the latest surveillance technology to confirm your suspicions or put your mind at ease.


Bill Perry & Associates, Inc. was founded by William R. Perry Sr., 20-year veteran of the New York City Police Department.  Bill spent 13 years within the Internal Affairs Bureau.  He then retired in 2005 and moved to Florida and opened his Private Investigations & Security Agency.

The idea was to establish and create a new model of effectiveness, efficiency and excellence in an industry where adequate performance is not enough, “The Private Investigation & Security Agency”. 

We separate ourselves from other agencies by ensuring all of our employees go through a rigorous background investigation.  We require drug testing for all applicants (followed by periodic testing during the course of employment.)  All employees are given our state-of-the-art psychological profile exam and ongoing professional training.


Bill Perry is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and a motivational speaker who has lectured for several professional organizations including Busey Bank on Identity Theft; First Community Bank on Fraud and Computer Security; the Southwest Chapter of IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors) on Internal Corruption, Cell Phone Forensics, and Interview Techniques for Fraud Investigations; FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast University) Accounting Society on Taxes, Auditing and Fraud, Small Business & Fraud; FICPA (Florida Institute of CPAs) on Fraud Investigative Techniques and Cell Phone Forensics (“What Your Customers Need to Know”.)  He is presently developing a seminar on business ethics which will highlight what customers want and what businesses must give them. Bill is also currently writing a book titled “Memoirs in Blue: A Retrospective Mirror into a New York City Cop’s Eyes” to be published in 2014.

Bill Perry has been recognized by I.C.E., a division of Homeland Security for his outstanding diligence and expertise in locating and documenting electronic evidence resulting in the arrest and conviction of a federal criminal. Bill has also worked with the Cape Coral Police for five years as a Crime Analyst, Computer Forensics Examiner, and a member of their elite Hostage Negotiations Team.  



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Jessica Aymx is our Office Manager; in charge of office compliance. 



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